Be the New Face on TV.


Did you ever anticipate acting in a TV Series and TV Commercials but not sure where to start?
Over years we have assisted countless actors and models realize their dreams in the industry and advanced their careers. Why not grab the first step with us?

Acting Classes for Adult

Adult acting classes are designed as 6 week unit aimed on distinct areas of acting with Introduction to Camera and beginners Class, being the first unit, this class is run every term. The entire units are cumulative with the timetable leading from one unit to the next, which includes voice modulation and projection etc.


Class Analysis

Introduction to Camera and Beginners Class

Age: 18 plus older
Term: 6 weeks
Class Period: 3 hours per class p/w - Monday Nights 6-9pm
Cost: R1550.00

Program: This unit entails basic acting skills and techniques necessary to prepare the beginner actor for auditions for screen and TV commercials, enabling the actor to deliver the requirements of a casting director. With these skills you are on your way to what could be a very exciting career.

  • On Set Etiquette
  • Basic Presenting Technique
  • Self Discipline & Confidence¬† Boost
  • Audition Skills and Walking To Camera
  • Introduction To Improvisation

Class Result:

On the final week of classes actors will record their prepared monologue to camera and have a one on one introduction meeting with an Starise Studio to establish the actor agent relationship.

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